All the materials we use in the production of our shoes are sourced locally in Alicante, Spain.

All fabrics, linings and pipings are made of natural cotton and only environmentally friendly dyes are used, achieving a wide variety of attractive colours in our collections.

When joining fabrics and linings, we use a technique created and developed by ourselves, that guarantees maximum breathability in all our shoes.

Our soles are made of vulcanized rubber that offer the necessary adherence for the lively activity of children's feet, as well as durability and resistance to wear and tear.


This model uses our latest improved insoles of microfibre with the following properties: Breathable


Dry foot - time for sweat absorption 4/5 segs.

Machine washable at 30C

Non-animal origin


Free of Crome 6

Zero CO2 emissions

Stronger than leather


$75.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • Size 23 shoe lenght 15 cm approx

    Size 24 shoe lenght 15.6 cm approx

    Size 25 shoe lenght 16.3 cm approx

    Size 26 shoe lenght 17 cm approx

    Size 27 shoe lenght 17.6 cm approx

    Size 28 shoe lenght 18.3 cm approx

    Size 29 shoe lenght 19 cm approx

    Size 30 shoe lenght 19.6 cm approx

    Size 31 shoe lenght 20.3 cm approx

    Size 32 shoe lenght 21 cm approx

    Size 33 shoe lenght 21.6 cm approx