Spanish shoes for children in Singapore
Spanish shoes for children in Singapore



When our family moved to Singapore five years ago, our children spent hours looking for the little red seeds of the saga tree, thinking they were little treasures... as our family has continued to grow, and our own saga in Singapore continues, we wanted to bring a small treasure from where we are from to share with our friends here, and so the idea to bring children's shoes, made from fine materials in our native Spain. We hope that as much as our children have enjoyed the adventures on the paths they have walked here in Singapore, that your precious little one's feet will also have many a tale to tell in their shoes from Spain!


How we started


As parents, we realised that there was a lack of classic, cute and reasonably priced shoes for children in Singapore and became excited with the idea to bring for the first time to the country this lovely brand of high quality spanish shoes at an affordable price.


We could only see advantages to the use of these shoes in Singapore: they are extremely easy to wear as the fabrics are made of natural cotton, perfect for the hot weather, All the materials used in the production of the shoes are sourced locally in Spain. None of our models have shoelaces as we know how often shoes are put on and off by our kids every day!


The high quality of these shoes is reflected also on the soles, made of vulcanized rubber that offer the necessary adherence for the lively activity of children's feet, as well as durability and resistance to wear and tear. In those models that require insoles, the producer uses detachable recycled leather for maximum comfort.


They are extremely easy to clean: cold water wash works very well with the fabrics that are treated using only environmentally friendly dyes. I personally prefer to do hand wash but the producer affirms cold water wash machine is also suitable. 


The designs are simple and smart, and the range of colors is lovely, for this reasons these shoes are also extremely easy to like! The brand is committed to guarantee the perfect growth of our children's feet, in style.